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Barry Mattin

Club Chairman

"As club chairman, I wish every team a happy and successful season ahead , it’s important we realise the reasons we do what we do , which is to help the children enjoy their football journey with us. A big thank you to all the managers and coaches who give up their free time to make this happen, I’m looking forward to watching lots of games this season"

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Stuie Bridle

Vice Club Chairman

"Wishing all the teams within the club a successful 2023/24 season filled with lots of passion, great attitude and lots of fun."

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Vicki Mattin

Club Secretary

"I'm really looking forward to another successful year within Southbrook. 

 My role is to work with the managers, leagues and committee; from registration, fees and discipline - all to ensure games can go ahead with no disruption. We endeavour to offer a safe and enjoyable environment allowing the children to develop in line with their own commitment and abilities and feel valued. Southbrook Youth FC’s vision is to be the best Youth Club in the South. With the new development, committee, ideas and ambitions this is achievable. Good luck to all the teams this season."

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Kate Fielden

Club Welfare Officer

"Looking forward to the season ahead, continuing to work with the coaches, parents, players and officials to carry on making Southbrook Y.F.C one of the best family grassroots football clubs, ensuring we are inclusive, positive and a safe club for all to be involved with."

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Dave Fielden

Manager & Parents Rep

Respect Officer

"Wishing every coach, team, players and managers all the best for the coming season. I am looking forward to watching more teams play and continue to support coaches and parents for the 2023/24 season."

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Lee Campbell

Vice Club Welfare Officer

"I'm looking forward to another great season and welcoming all our new players and teams, supporting you all as you continue your football journey"

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Paul Allen

Vice Managers & Parents Rep

"Watching how had every team is working is a joy to watch, I'm wishing everyone at Southbrook Y.F.C a successful season."

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Leona Birchenough

Club Treasurer

"Wishing everyone a successful and fun 2023/24 season. Good luck to all the teams."

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Jamie Stapleton

Events Co-Ordinator

"The last season, we saw the club move forward and I would like to thank everyone that has supported and helped this season, this includes our annual tournament, it wasn't just the same old faces !" 

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Toby Wilks

Media Officer

"I wish the best of luck to everyone at Southbrook Y.F.C ahead of the 2023/24 season. Lets go and make it another big one!"

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Ryan Dickson

Club Development Officer

"Looking forward to working alongside all at Southbrook Y.F.C and hopeful to help the club be as successful as they have been in the past! Good luck to all the teams, players and coaching staff, and a massive thank you to all the parents for their efforts!"

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