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Southbrook Y.F.C Sonics Under 9's

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Team Biography

Southbrook Sonics were founded in the summer of 2021, taking a crop of talented players from the famous “Southbrook Stars” academy. The team was originally started and managed by the late Jon Callender who will always hold a special place with Sonics, the rest of the Southbrook family and myself Jack walker. We had a very successful first season in the EDMSL league starting originally in blue 1 and by the end of the season we where up to white 2. At the end of the season Jon decided to take a step aside from the team and handed me the reigns, which I relished the chance to walk in his footsteps and built on the strong squad that he left me, last season was more challenging for us but none the less we still had many positives to bring from it come the end of the season, sustaining our place in white 2 and became a very hard team to beat. Now we take the steps to becoming a 7 a side team and now we have Dean laxton on board as a coach to help us progress even more with a bit of a rebuilding process this summer some players leaving and more coming in me and Dean are very exited to see what our first 7 a side season will bring us.




Sonics are proudly sponsored by First Cone Highways.

Mental Health Support Officer

As of the 2023/24 season, the committee have introduced a Mental Health Support Team, with each club having their own Support Officer to be the port of call for anyone suffering with mental health. 

The volunteer for Sonics is Destiny Beaton & Natalie Gunter .

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Jack Walker


Dean Laxton

Assistant Manager

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