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We have a number of players within our club that referee; they have all either played for a team in Southbrook or still playing football alongside refereeing.

We encourage all our players to take up refereeing as it is a great way to keep them involved with football, it can be good for their confidence and is a great way to get them involved in the club as they don’t always want to ref games within leagues.

Ethan Andrews

Ethan's refereeing career started just a few days after his 14th birthday making him one of the youngest to complete the referring course in Hampshire. Since then Ethan has really enjoyed his refereeing within the EDMSL and Tyro Leagues and is a regular referee at The Saints Staplewood facility. 

Ethan plays football himself as a defence/midfield player and believes this makes him a better referee as he reads the game well, lets the game flow where possible and understands the players frustration.

Gibril Jatta

I started reffing last year in February when I completed my course at Thornden school, which means I've been reffing for a year and a bit now. Personally I think the best games to ref are the ones where you know the other refs because then you have people to joke with otherwise it gets boring. 

Highlights so far have been reffing cup finals and attending games at Staplewood and sometimes getting to meet players and just meeting new people.

Dawid Wojcikiewicz

Louis Haynes 

I’ve been refereeing for two years now, I started when I turned 15. For the first few months I was refereeing at The Saints Staplewood facility, this gave me experience with different age groups and also provided me with great advice from mentors. 

The highlight off my career was when I got chosen to do a Hampshire Cup final this year. This boosted my confidence and shows that anyone can become a referee.