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Southbrook Y.F.C Prime Under 7's


Team Biography

Southbrook Y.F.C Prime are a new team for the 2024/25 season made up of graduates from the legendary Southbrook Y.F.C Stars Academy, plus 2 brought in to make up the squad. All the prime players are developing and improving at a wonderful rate , we are really starting to become  a TEAM .


We have two experienced managers in Jamie and Mitchell and hopefully Chad will be part of the coaching team soon, taking on the goalkeepers coach role .


Prime team Motto

• Have fun

• Play with a smile on your face

• Be confident 

• Express yourself with the ball

• Play as team 

• Trust your team mates 

• Work hard (as that comes for free)





Prime are proudly sponsored by n/a  

Mental Health Support Officer


Jamie Stapleton


Mitchell Holmes.png

Mitchell Holmes


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